Logos designed for assorted products and clients.
Tablet Interface Designs
Tablet interface prototypes and mock-ups for various clients of Coincident.
Graphic design various clients.
Mobile App UI / UX Designs
Mobile Phone App UI / UX Designs.
User Interface Design
Designs for mobile, desktop, app icon, internal UI elements and UX flow.
Book Covers
Book cover for Best-selling author Liz Wiseman's new Harper-Collins book "Rookie Smarts - Why Learning Beats Knowing in the new game of work" and "When Can You Start? Ace The Job Interview and Get Hired" by Paul Freiberger.
Photo + Design
Combined photography and graphic design work.
Motion Reel
Collection of excerpts from assorted client and independent projects
Illustration Reel 14
A moving collection of icons, logos, buttons, illustrations, stickers (and music).
Client Videos
Selected video clips from client projects.
Independent Music Videos
Self-produced clips with original music.
Low-Poly Portraits
Collection of recent illustrations.
Vector Illustrations
Collection of vector illustrations.
Images created by tracing photo portraits by hand in Illustrator to create the illustrations of the faces, which are then composited into the photo backgrounds in Photoshop.
Line Portraits
Collection of illustrations.
Presentation Illustrations
Series of drawings illustrating business concepts.
Mouse and Kat and the Evil One: 3
Mouse and Kat's journey continues as they are forced to dig deep within themselves, tapping previously unexpressed powers to take on the Evil One in an epic battle for existence itself.
Mouse and Kat and the Evil One: 2
Sequel to the award-winning Mouse and Kat and the Evil One, Mouse and Kat and the Evil One: 2 chronicles the continuing epic adventures of the 3 characters in a horrifying new context.
Mouse and Kat and the Evil One
This epic adventure in miniature explores the universal theme of good versus evil in classic scenes of hostile confrontation, violent capture, and triumphant escape. Published by Gingko Press.